Center For Rehabilitation Fort Lauderdale FL

Center For Rehabilitation Fort Lauderdale FL

Center For Rehabilitation Fort Lauderdale FLHarmony Treatment Center offers premier drug addiction recovery Fort Lauderdale, FL services. At Harmony, we have created a unique therapeutic program that uses music to help treat addicts seeking recovery. Our Drug Rehab program in Fort Lauderdale features a dedicated and individualized treatment program to aid patients throughout the recovery process.

At our center for rehabilitation Fort Lauderdale FL facility, we target insured clients who are typically in their 20s and suffering from addictions to opiates, benzodiazepines and other drugs which are currently being abused in epidemic proportions. Our clients have private health insurance or are otherwise able to pay for our unique treatment program.

Harmony Treatment Center offers incomparable service during this challenging period in our client’s lives. Our individual and group therapy sessions include targeted, individualized treatment plans to serve our clients in the best ways possible. Our innovative treatment plans are reality-based and offer the most comprehensive care for an efficient treatment plan.

Our substance abuse facility in Fort Lauderdale FL program focuses on a unique treatment plan that features meets our clients’ medical and legal needs. Our experienced staff includes psychiatrists who can assist in any non-narcotic medication needs and a dedicated case manager who will help the client during their life-changing transition.

Our targeted approach improves our clients’ opportunity for long-term recovery and sobriety. We remain committed to educating our clients and strengthening their coping skills so they can better handle the stress of life. We feature a unique music treatment that helps our client break down defensive walls while inspiring them to look toward their improved and sobriety-filled future.

We offer both residential and intensive outpatient treatment programs depending on the individual needs of our clients. Our primary goal is to help our clients’ transition to life in a halfway house located in Fort Lauderdale Fl program. We work diligently to aid them through their recovery process and help them develop and implement their long-term recovery plans. Our cutting-edge treatment program allows us to thoroughly assist our clients through this journey by only providing them with the highest degree of compassion, care and valuable resources.

Our treatment center features residential housing. Our licensed and highly trained faculty offers our clients professional evaluations, counseling and treatment. We simply offer the best for our clients, because anything less compromises this difficult process. At Harmony, clients learn about addiction, including the causes and consequences of their actions. Our program offers clients new tools and strategies that challenge the status quo.

At Harmony, we realize that getting help isn’t always simple and the addict seeking help for their recovery can quickly become overwhelmed in today’s stressful and changing world. Technology is increasing stressful and the Internet is overcrowded with “advice.” As such, it’s extremely difficult to get a timely response and individuals often feel unable to connect with a “real” person. At Harmony, we are the “real” people that help overcome these and other barriers as well.

Harmony Treatment Center is the new model for halfway houses in Fort Lauderdale FL. We strive to create the best environment for our clients with the most cutting edge treatment programs that ensure an efficient recovery. After all, Harmony is the key to recovery.